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Tradition and Innovation

People and context
are top priorities

Di Mauro’s business growth path has always been linked to traditional values and the company’s roots. This pathway has allowed the company to evolve into a sustainable industry in which people and context are top priorities.

Innovation is a daily reality at Di Mauro, from its newly renovated plant (total area 36,000 square metres, of which 16,000 is covered) equipped with state of the art production and control systems, to its strong, client-focused Research and Development sector which is deeply committed to sustainability and environmental issues.

Innovation, sustained by traditional values, is clearly reflected in the investment process to finance the new plant facilities which began in 2013. It is aimed at:



of new market segments flanking the
food sector; enhancement of our core
business using a comprehensive approach
and a systemic vision in order
to fully serve the customer.



by means of process optimization using
4.0 technology plus the development
of internal skills.



including research into recyclable materials
and investment in machinery which has
eliminated solvent emissions and as a
result produces one third
of its own energy.

The company, which handles the entire flexible packaging production cycle on site, is proud to have prestigious Italian and international customers in both the food and non-food sectors in its portfolio.

Revenue currently stands at €65 million, of which export represents approximately 40%. Logistic bases and partnerships with repro agencies in France, Germany and Poland support our operations.

Di Mauro is clearly a customer oriented company that priorities relationships and continuity, allowing customers to turn their ideas into industrial products.

“We rely on a harmonious and dynamic work environment and on the use of cutting-edge machinery. We base the development of new products on our skills and ability to listen to customers. Our success is mainly due to the people who, working with passion and professionalism, have contributed to the affirmation of our growth policy…There is no progress without respect for people and their work.”
Ing Raffaele Virno

With these words, Raffaele Virno, founder and President of Di Mauro Flexible Packaging, highlights both the importance and enhancement of resources and respect for each and every associate. “Only by truly working as a team can we achieve increasingly significant goals in terms of growth and quality”.

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