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The Di Mauro approach to research

Customer centricity and market needs go hand in hand with sustainability as the key elements of innovation that drive the research and development team. Collaboration is at the core of R&D, in the form of interaction that generates ideas for effective, efficient and truly innovative innovations in packaging, with embedded sustainability. Understanding the needs of the market today and tomorrow, as well as environmental policy requirements, is fundamental.

The deep commitment of Di Mauro and his dedicated, highly skilled team have led to innovative, internationally recognized solutions including the following:

soluzioni innovative packaging flessibile

for steam cooking in a microwave oven.
Oscar recipient 2012

soluzioni innovative packaging flessibile

package reclosure.
Alufoil Trophy 2015

soluzioni innovative packaging flessibile

for draining liquids or powders without dripping.
Oscar recipient 2017

Investment in Research & Development is a fundamental element of Di Mauro’s strategy. It allows the company to compete at the highest levels.

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