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Sustainable Packaging Development

The primary function of packaging is to actively or passively ensure the safety and the integrity of products.

Packaging becomes an integral part of every product when it is able to satisfy not only safety requirements, including those in the food sector, but also the requirements of objective functionality; adding value to the product and brand recognition.



We are proud to be members of the most important European Associations and the CEFLEX union, that is born to promote the circular economy in the packaging business

The company has several management system certifications, renewed following periodic certification audits by accredited bodies. Di Mauro is fully compliant with current regulations and in some respects has anticipated future regulatory trends.

The current challenge of packaging is twofold: in addition to acting as an increasingly effective barrier against contamination, packaging must become ever more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The main elements that contribute to sustainability are:

ecological design
that reduces the
volume and weight of
the materials used


raising awareness of
consumption (as well as
the above mentioned elements)
to involve the consumer in
the recycling process


increased utilization of
innovative, highly
recyclable materials


rationalization of the range
approach to reduce


the ability of the system
to effectively recycle material
for maximum recovery of
packaging components


continuous re-design
to optimize use
of materials


overall reduction in the
use of materials and secondary
and tertiary packaging


These are not only everyday undertakings for our company, but an integral part of Di Mauro’s collective consciousness which takes into consideration the complete life cycle of the product and its container. As an integral part of the process of sustainable packaging development, Di Mauro has always been committed to continuous improvement of materials in an effort to avoid waste during production and the gradual adoption of materials and processes which are eco-compatible and people and environment friendly.


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